The purpose of the Evening Star Quilt Guild is to promote the love of quilts, to encourage and preserve the art of quilts and quilting and to contribute friendship, knowledge, and encouragement to others.

The guild is based out of Birmingham, Alabama and was founded in 1998. Our Guild meeting is the first Thursday of every month at the North Shelby Library; additionally, we have Sit 'n Sew the second Saturday of the month at the First Baptist Church of Helena.


Evening Star Quilt Guild -
North Shelby County, Alabama
Closed group: send us an email to join.
Quilts by Lura Campbell
Banner quilt by Susan Lee

Guild Meeting - February 5 - SILENT AUCTION. Turn in Red and White block exchange.

Sit 'n Sew - February 14
Piecemakers' Weekend - February 27-28

Guild Meeting - March 5

Sit 'n Sew - March 14
Wake-Up Call challenge - due April guild meeting

Judy Niemeyer-certified workshops by Fran Sargent, May 8 & 9

Upcoming Activities

Evening Star Quilt Guild of Birmingham, Alabama


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Red and White Block Swap
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Challenges and Swaps

Bento Box Swap - turn in second round at February 5 meeting. New instructions will be given each month along with blocks from previous step.
Red and White Block Swap - 20 blocks due February 5; completed tops due July 2 for exhibition at guild meeting

Wake-Up Call - challenge quilts due April 2, 2015
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Silent Auction Feb 5th program
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